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Flicker and Flora

Simply You Eau de Parfum

Simply You Eau de Parfum

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Fragrance Profile

Iris and powder notes meld with musk and cashmeran to give this fragrance a subtle "you, only better" glow.

Her Story

Maybe you won't make it into the history books, but you still light the path! You impact the people you cross paths with in ways big and small. Whether you're shattering glass ceilings in the corporate world or caring for your family at home (or both!), the work you're doing matters. Each of us is carving the way for the women who will come behind us, so take up your torch and help light the way!

If you love Glossier's "You" you'll love our Simply You scent.

What you put on your skin matters.
That's why all of our fragrances are free of phthalates, parabens, and are Prop 65 compliant.

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Customer Reviews

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Just like Glossier

I absolutely love this scent. I bought 2 of the testers, one for me and one for a friend. I assumed based on the title, it was your version of ‘Glossier You’, and it totally is, but better! I’ve never smelled a dupe of Glossier You, nor do I feel like it can be replicated well, but it is, years ago when I started using Glossier, it was very pepper-y and I loved how much black pepper you could smell. As it got popular, they added more of the floral in, and though it still smelled good, it didn’t feel like it stuck to me well. I really can smell that pepper in this one. It reminds me of the old Glossier I used to buy, take my word for it, this is worth it!! it’s the best thing to pair with other fragrances from flicker and flora as well. Love to pair with Frida Kahlo and Josephine Woods (santal)