Sustainable & non-toxic fragrances for your home and body.

We believe in creative reuse.

At Flicker & Flora, we use handmade ceramic jars, vintage and antique vessels, and recycled glassware to create unique hand-poured soy and beeswax candles. The dust cover included with each candle is made of handcrafted seed paper containing a low-growing wildflower seed mix, which can be planted in the vessel after the candle is burned.

Don't have a green thumb? With our handcrafted ceramic jars, you can use our candle refills to continue enjoying your jar for years to come.

Ceramic Candles

Our signature ceramic jar candles equally stunning and durable. Each candle is handmade from... 

  • Burn Candle

  • Plant Seed Paper

  • Grow Wildflowers

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Our Process

Luminaries Perfumes

Discover our collection of non-toxic perfumes with scents inspired by the women in history who helped light our way.


What you put on your skin matters.

That's why all of our fragrances are free of phthalates, parabens, and are Prop 65 compliant.