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Flicker and Flora

Ceramic Jar Refill

Ceramic Jar Refill

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Our sustainable candle refills allow our signature ceramic jars to have many lives! 

Once the candle burns down completely, remove what's left of the old wicks from the bottom of the container, clean our your jar, pop in your refill candle, and enjoy (again)!

Candles and refills are 7.5 oz, half an ounce smaller than your original candle. This is to accommodate the inconsistencies between different jars due to their handmade nature.

Jar is not included with refills.

How to Use Your Refill

Clean your jar
After removing the wick tab from the bottom of the jar, you’ll need to remove any remain wax. One way to do this is to pour boiling water into the jar and allow it to cool. The water will melt the remaining wax, which will then float to the top and solidify for easy removal. Then gently wash your jar with warm soapy water. Allow the jar to dry completely.

Prep your refill
Remove your refill from its paper and remove the paper covering the wick sticker from the bottom of the refill.

Place the refill in the jar
Gently press on the top of the refill so that the sticker adheres to the jar.

Light & Enjoy!
Trim your wick to 1/4” and light the refill. On the first burn, allow it to burn long enough for the wax to melt into any gaps around the edges.

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Don't forget your jar!

These refills are not intended to be used on their own, and must be used with one of our signature jars. If you don't have a jar yet, be sure you get one!

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