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Butter Lamb Wax Melt

Butter Lamb Wax Melt

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Fragrance Profile

Fragrance profile

The fiery fragrance of embers - black pepper, elemi, ginger and incense- is tempered by the smooth warmth of amber, tonka bean, smoked papyrus and cedar. Notes of raspberry and rose add brightness to this otherwise smoky, glowing scent. 

Her Story

Joan of Arc, nicknamed "The Maid of Orléans," was born in 1412, in Domremy, France. The daughter of poor tenant farmers Jacques d’ Arc and his wife, Isabelle, also known as Romée, Joan learned piety and domestic skills from her mother. Never venturing far from home, Joan took care of the animals and became quite skilled as a seamstress.

At age 12, Joan of Arc began to have mystical visions encouraging her to lead a pious life. Over time, they became more vivid, with the presence of St. Michael and St. Catherine designating her as the savior of France and encouraging her to seek an audience with Charles—who had assumed the title Dauphin (heir to the throne)—and ask his permission to expel the English and install him as the rightful king.

At age 18 Joan of Arc led the French army to victory over the English at Orléans.

On May 29, 1431, the tribunal announced Joan of Arc was guilty of heresy. On the morning of May 30, she was taken to the marketplace in Rouen and burned at the stake, before an estimated crowd of 10,000 people. She was 19 years old. Her ashes were gathered and scattered in the Seine. After Joan's death, the Hundred Years’ War continued for another 22 years. King Charles VII ultimately retained his crown, and he ordered an investigation that in 1456 declared Joan of Arc to be officially innocent of all charges and designated a martyr. She was canonized as a saint on May 16, 1920, and is the patron saint of France.

“Joan of Arc is like a shooting star across the landscape of French and English history, amid the stories of the Church’s saints and into our consciousness. Women identify with her; men admire her courage. She challenges us in fundamental ways. Despite the fact that more than 500 years have passed since she lived, her issues of mysticism, calling, identity, trust and betrayal, conflict and focus are our issues still.” Joan of Arc: God’s Warrior by Barbara Beckwith

If you’re a fan of Boy Smells “Slow Burn”, you’ll love our Joan of Arc candle


"The butter lamb is a small (or sometimes large) sculpture of a lamb made from butter, typically decorated with a red ribbon around its neck and a blessing on its back. The butter is sculpted into the shape of a lamb using a mold, and then the details, such as peppercorn eyes, are added by hand. It’s typically served as a centerpiece on the Easter table or given as a gift to friends and family."*

My take on the traditional butter lamb - a Butter Lamb Wax Melt!

Scented with creamy cocoa butter and vanilla bean, joined with fragrant ylang ylang essential oil and a touch of warm amber. The Butter Lamb scent is only available as a Butter Lamb Wax Melt.

Each Butter Lamb wax melt is about 2oz. You will need to break your lamb to use it in a wax warmer. You should easily get 3 pieces out of it.

Pick-up information: If you select “local pick-up” at checkout, Butter Lamb Wax Melts will be available for pick-up at Lockport Community Market on Saturday, March 30. The market hours are 10am-2pm. The market is located at 210 Walnut St, Lockport, NY. Butter Lamb Wax Melts can also be shipped.

Not for human consumption.

*Excerpt from an article in -  The History of the Butter Lamb by Charlie Fashana

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